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Stew York 45 Hub

Nick blob walk and 2 45’s

Doc & Nick Kettlebell toss

Gripmas Carol ‘05

350 Anvil

Doc’s Shed 10/15/05

Stew’s House 10/7/05

Nick 214 Stone press

Stew & Nick Axel C&P

Nick 195 Atlas Stone press

Doc & Nick Blob Tossing

Nick 3 25’s pinch

Nick 245 on the 2″ V-bar

Nick 45lb Plate flip

Doc with the 32k Kettlebell 1

Doc with the 32k Kettlebell2

Nick with the 32k Kettlebell

Doc & Nick Grip Feats

Andrea Samshing a Trainer

Stew Williams County Strongman

Nick Williams County Strongman

John Williams County Strongman

Doc Williams County Strongman   Chris Highland Games DC3 bend    Nick’s house  Youth Group Strongman show  1/2″ X 1″ X 48″ bend Gripmas 2006  Gripmas 2006  Backyard Bastard bash II  Stew Bryan strongman comp 2  Nick Bryan stromgman comp 2  John Scribner Bryan strongman comp 2  Nick strongman show fundraiser  Nick 156 #3 in choker   Jonathan McMillan lifting  3/8″ X 1″ X 48″ flat scroll for Dad  Nick FBBC DC2 bend  Nick FBBC polo1 bend  Jeremiah 32K kettlebell Bottoms up press Nick popcan pop  Nick 45 blob by the face  Nick MM close of a 156 #3 nick & Doc working on O lifts Doc & Nick Snatches Doc & Nick C & J  Doc & Nick O lifting  Doc & Nick Stone work  Nick Backsquat 385 5X5 I need to work on depth  Nick’s YOUTUBE  Zach’s YOUTUBE  Jonathan Creason’s YOUTUBE  Morgan’s YOUTUBE  Bob’s YOUTUBE


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