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Strong Til’ Death – by Chris Rice

Getting Strong on the Cheap – by Doc

Baby Steps to farm strength – by Doc

Defining Strength – by Doc


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Just wanted to say that you guys are great. I really respect the diesel crew and all its members. I LOVE the style of training, its real life based, its “built to go, not for show” type training that I like. Although I don’t mind the T-shirt fitting tighter around the shoulders, My main goal is functional strength. Theres also something kinda Cavemanish about lifting stones and logs and making improvisional equipment or using whatever it is just lying around the yard to kick my own ass with. Anyway, I live in Alaska and to be honest not many other people share my enthusiasm for this sort of training, they all are chrome plated gym rats who do concentration curls 90% of the time. Ok, well, just wanted to say I’m a huge fan and thank you for your contributions to the world of strength, you guys kick some serious ass, I strive to be like that, it keeps me motivated and strong.

Comment by jeremy Spencer

[…] Alright interesting, but I still wanted more. You’d be surprised what you get when you start typing things like “farm strong” into Google. But it was our little Cowgirl Roo who found this awesome site for me. “” is pretty sick. I found it to be along the lines of what I was looking for. […]

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