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Doc Training April 16, 2012 by docfarmstrong
April 16, 2012, 10:24 pm
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Standing Stone Drills: Working on separation between hips and shoulders

Axle Clean 5x3x85kg

DO Axle Deadlift 315 1/2/2/1/2

Side Lunges 3x5x135

Density Squatting 10x5x185 in 20 minutes

Grippers Supermaster 3, 2, 1

Notes: Binned the existing plan for HG season. Gonna try to just get stronger whilst still keeping the feel I’ve got for the throws. Was too aggressive with the weight selection for the axle dead. Just sort of threw the gripper work in cause I need to do it.


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whilst? did i train before or after tea?

Comment by chuck

Before. Biscuits and tea are the perfect post workout meal.

Comment by docfarmstrong

nice. i guess if you train for the highland games you will pick up words like whilst.

Comment by chuck

Nah, I’m was a History/English double major first. The vocabulary comes from there.

Comment by docfarmstrong

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