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Doc Throwing 3/11/12 by docfarmstrong
March 12, 2012, 1:25 am
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Threw this morning with Richard Bird and Nicki. Measured throws to get a feel for where I am early in the season.

Braemar Stone 24′

Open Stone 27′

Heavy Weight for Distance 21′

Light Weight for Distance 42′

Heavy Hammer 73′

Light Hammer 90′

Heavy and Light Hammers were better than last seasons competition marks. The stones and weights were within a couple feet of last season’s best marks. I am happy.

I had planned to wait til the first of April to go “in-season”, but I am going to start early. The Plan is very simple. Throw nearly every day. Do 4-5 brief strength sessions in the garage after throwing each week.

I have been asked about drills, plyometrics, and all sorts of other accessory stuff for Highland Games. My response is essentially this: Throwing is plyometric in it’s nature. If I’m throwing frequently, do I need more plyometrics? I don’t think so. I also believe that drills have very little value for the beginning thrower. Once a beginner has a working grasp of the mechanics of  the throws, I think he/she ought to do the full throws a bunch. Then go to drills to remedy specific issues. This is what has worked for me anyway.


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