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Durniat Strength Grip Challenge Meet Report by docfarmstrong
February 15, 2012, 12:44 am
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I rolled out of bed on Saturday at my normal 0500, had a cup of coffee, and started loading the truck up for a trip north to Wooster. Nicki was going to the Durniat Strength Grip Challenge to try to qualify for Grip Nationals.

At 0700, I picked Nicki up and we started rolling north. Here in central Ohio, we don’t get a lot of snow, but then again we never go too long in winter without it. You’d never know that by the reaction of many drivers to the sight of white dust in the air. A typical 1:45 drive to Wooster required two and one half hours. Not a big deal, but I think Nicki was starting to feel nervous about making weigh-ins. We arrived a full thirty minutes before weigh-ins thanks to my paralyzing fear of arriving late. After thirty plus years, I’ve become good at getting places early, often shamefully so.

Nicki weighed in and we milled around Andrew’s new facility. Saying hello, catching up with folks we hadn’t seen, and meeting the new faces.

Grippers were the first event. As is usual, there were lots of people who were competing for the first time and had very poor competition technique with the grippers. Chris Rice ran an informal “gripper technique seminar” off to the side that competitors could attend between attempts.

Then, we moved on to The Euro Two Hand Pinch. Chris did another quick how to seminar and folks started warming up. By this time, most everyone was in the competition groove and we rolled right through it. Lots of impressive performances were turned in, including a “first time ever touching it” lift of 215lbs by Joe Costa.

Double Overhand Axle Deadlift was next. This is an event that continues to be a moving target. Andrew Durniat raised the bar again by pulling 476lbs which I believe is double bodyweight. Strrrrrrong.

From there, we moved to the medley. Medley’s have become a mainstay of grip sport competition. Promoters have a grand time setting up medleys. You can put anything your imagination can conjure in to a medley. The Durniat Crew had 37 items in the medley. Competitors completed as many of the feats as they could in a 4 minute time limit.

The final event was a frame hold for time. A test of grip strength, and mental fortitude the frame hold took the last little bit out of our competitors.

After the awards, Nicki and I went to a Mexican place for dinner with some people we met at the contest. Then, we struggled to stay awake on the drive home. It was a good day.


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