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Doc’s Training Febuary 4, 2012 by docfarmstrong

Nicki and I went to Team BOSS this morning. I think there were three strongman crews there. Team Boss, the Slater guys, and the Durniat crew. About 20 guys training strongman events at the same time. I didn’t do everything, but I did do:

Axle Cleans 5x2x210

2.5″ Dumbell Clean and Jerk 5x1x120

Double Overhand Axle Deadlifts Worked up to 350lbs and did 3 singles with it.

Stones Loaded the 300, then lapped the 330 and 370 stones. Then I did 50 reps in 20 minutes loading a 230lbs stone to 50″ platform.


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Nick told me you all were going – I should have met you all up there but I had a thrower throwing at Ohio State indoor meet and wanted to be there for him.

Comment by Chris Rice

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