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Garage Night 2011 by docfarmstrong

Since I moved to Columbus in ’98, I have attended the Arnold Expo almost every year. It’s like a massive, flesh and blood train wreck. People’s bodies pushed to the absolute limits.

In 2004, Atomic Athletic had an event during the Expo weekend they called Night of Strength. This gathering was an eye opener for me. Real people talking, sharing and showing off. Atomic Athletic put on Night of Strength again in 2005 and then discontinued the event.

In 2006, Nicki and I decided that we wanted to continue the tradition of getting together over good food and heavy stuff after a long day in the Expo hall. Garage Night was born. We invited everybody we knew into our homes and our garage gyms to decompress, and to get some quality face to face time with like minded folks.

This year 70 people packed my house for brats by Mancave Mavis ( and an evening of the special comraderie that exists in the little niche of the Iron Game we call home. In my warped view of the world, this is what strength training is about:

Thanks to everyone who came out. I firmly believe that it is the people who make the hobby and Garage Night would have been a catastrophe without you.

I’m not going to try to do a rundown of who all was there and what they did. Too many and too much. Check out the farmstrength forums for the recollections of people who were there.


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