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The Durniat Grip Strength Challenge By Chris Rice by farmstrength
February 24, 2011, 12:44 am
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Duriant Grip Strength ContestFeb 19, 2011 

Teresa (my wife), Nick Rosendaul and I met up at the Park and Ride and rode up to Andrew’s listening to music by Nick’s band – pretty good stuff!  We got there early and started walking around meeting everyone.  It may have been a novice “grip” contest but it sure didn’t look like these guys were new to a weight room, everyone appeared to have some good overall strength.  Once again I’d like to say how nice everyone I have met in our little sport is, and this group wasn’t any different, good people one and all.

First event was MMS Grippers.  Andrew gave a short demo of how to set and away we went.  A few guys had a clue and a couple had obviously done a lot of gripper work.  Ryan Jandry closed a 175# gripper – definitely not his first day!!  Here’s one for you, about halfway through, I showed everyone how to place and set a gripper – for anyone who has every seen (and laughed at) me and grippers, this had to be a laugh.  Thankfully these guys didn’t know – I hoped it helped them a little.  The lack of experience really showed here as many people improved from attempt to attempt with just that little bit of practice.

Euro pinch on Andrews setup.  First up was 48 mm – hardly anyone really knew what width to use.  54 mm was the only other width used during the contest.  Brandon Gerber (only 17 years old) pinched over bodyweight and Ryan Jandry pinched 201 – then did an unofficial 206#.   In his first ever contest!

Axle DL.  By now the nerves were settling down some and the DL was something everyone was familiar with.  Hand size quickly showed itself here – with Ryan doing 368 and Malcolm Majesky 362# to top the field.  Best lightweight was Josh McDonald at 287 and Andrew Pantke with 280#.

Next up was the Medley.  Andrew had I think 37 items laid out, with a little bit of everything including an Inch DB.  I was thinking to myself – Inch DB, Novice contest – what the heck?  And then Malcolm just walked over and stood up with it and Ryan had it way up but not enough.  They aren’t making Novices like they used to I guess!

Wrist Roller.  I saw the picture of Andrew’s set up before I went but dang this was impressive.  It was up on a platform high enough to get a nose bleed!  The chain instead of weights idea was pretty good but I think everyone ended up being stronger than Andrew had anticipated – it ended up being a speed event.  And this caused the only hitch in what was an otherwise superbly run contest.  We used the percentage score sheet that my son Josh had made up and the one we have used for many contests now.  But we never anticipated scoring an event where the lowest number was the best number.  Thankfully Josh was home and a few phone calls and a corrected score sheet email from Josh straightened things out.

My impressions – Andrew put on a really well thought out and run contest for his first ever.  He had Brent Barbe, Nick, and I there to help out with judging, loading, scoring, coaching etc – extra hands are always a good idea but seldom possible as usually everyone wants to compete.  It was the first Novice contest I know of and it showed that there are some real strong people out there interested in Grip.  A few qualified for Nationals – at a Novice competition – Wow!  Experience (or lack of) really showed, Brent, Nick, Andrew and I coached and corrected little things all day and you could see the progress as the day went on.  Having strength and exhibiting it during a contest is two different things.  I think everyone had a good time – there was a pretty nice crowd of spectators there but we need to teach them to open up – this was the quietest grip contest I have ever been to.  All in all a really good day!


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Thank you Chris, Nick and Brent for coming up to make it a great event. Nationals this year is going to be a battle.

Comment by Andrew Durniat

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