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Doc’s January 2011 Training Review by farmstrength
February 6, 2011, 2:01 pm
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As I’ve shared previously, this month at work has been very physically demanding.  Therefore, I’ve trained twice a week throughout the month.

I am currently in a “hypertrophy” phase of training.  I have been emphasizing more volume on the assistance lift with the intention of adding some more muscle.  Given that work has been pretty exhausting, I have used just one assistance exercise per session so that I am able to do what is asked of me at work the next day.

Strength:  I’ve been using Jim Wendler’s 5/3/1 program to plan my weight progression on the main lifts.  I hit all weights with additional reps on the final set in every session.  Assistance exercises for the month of January were Press and Glute Ham Raises.

Conditioning:  The Concept2 rower is my winter conditioning tool of choice.  I am continuing to experiment with the exact tactics to use in order to achieve my goals.  I rotated three different workouts.  500 meter repeats with 2 minutes rest.  1000 meter repeats with 4 minutes rest.  Row 20 minutes.  I may increase the number of sessions I do on the rower based upon what is asked of me at work.

Mobility/Flexibility:  I did really terribly.  Maybe three sessions of stretching/self massage in the entire month.  This will be an area of focus going forward.

There you have it. Another month closer to my goals.


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