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Goals. Goals. Goals. by farmstrength
January 3, 2011, 10:47 pm
Filed under: Inspiration and Perspiration

Tis the season. Everybody and their cousin’s roommate’s best friend are sitting down talking about goals, goal setting and how to make this year better than last year. Well, here at Farmstrength HQ we are no different. Goals abound. Strategies abound. Shoot, we’ve even got tactics within strategies.

I (Doc) like doing goals in categories. Physical fitness goals, personal development goals, career goals. I feel like this helps me view each year as a holistic journey, rather than being just about getting my swole on…

Then, I set a target that is attainable in a six month time frame. Cause we all know that life tends to jump up and bite our plans right in the buttocks. Work, family, sickness, laziness. Each of these things can really mess up my 4 hours every Saturday that I’ve got set aside to work on a gun project. So, I plan for those lost hours by figuring I’ll be half as productive as I would like.

Then it’s time to let a couple people know about your goals, and get a plan. For heaven’s sake, make sure the plan is reasonable, sustainable, and healthy. I know I could get a lot more done if I only slept four hours a night, but that’s just not reality.

Happy 2011, now go kick this year in the teeth!


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