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January 8, 2009, 10:36 pm
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Most of my training life I’ve lifted alone.  Sure, sometimes Ange watches but mostly it’s just me out in the garage banging away.  It probably hearkens back to the first lifting book I ever read, “Dinosaur Training”.  Brooks never made training partners a priority, and I just sort of caught the idea.

Last weekend a good friend was over having dinner and visiting, he mentioned that he wanted to get into better shape in the coming year.  I invited him to come lift with me in the evenings.  So far it’s been a good thing.  I have a bad habit of skipping some of the rehab/prehab things in my workout.  When another guy is there…he would notice if we didn’t do Reverse Hypers.  

I think the biggest thing to look for in a training partner is consistency, followed closely by similar goals.  He/she’s no help if they’re never there, and it gets annoying trying to cajol someone to follow your training plan.


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Man, I’m in the same boat. I have lifted for about 7 years now and I’d say 6.5 of those years have been alone in my back yard, garage, and when I was single and in the military at the base gym. I’ve grown accustomed to kicking my own ass now. I do however enjoy lifting with some one who has the same fire and drive as I do. If I can feed of anothers positive energy and lift more then I welcome a partner, but if he’s bringin me down and slowin me up then he’s got to go.

Comment by Jeremy Spencer

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