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No Bueno by farmstrength
January 1, 2009, 10:13 pm
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Tuesday morning I got up bright and early to drive to Gallipolis, Ohio.  We had some work to do on a couple elevators down there.  While driving, I got a little hungry and needed diesel fuel so I pulled into a convenience store.  I grabbed some donuts, and was looking for the whole milk, when I noticed a small bottle “Cytosport Muscle Milk”.  I had heard good things about this drink.  One of your “ready-to-drink” protein shakes, in strawberry no less.  So, I took one and gave the woman my money.

The taste was pretty standard.  Not sure anyone’s ever going to figure out how to cover that aftertaste, but the aftermath was very much bad.

About 1.5 hours after consuming said nutritional supplement, I began to have some severe cramping and epic gas.  I found myself a restroom and vomited.  The cramping and gas are still lingering 3 days…you heard right…3 days later.

In my amateur opinion, Cytosport Muscle Milk….NO BUENO


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man, your not kidding, I myself have had a wicked experience with that product. Plus the shit is like 3-4 bucks for that small container, and yes, knarly after taste. I like to grab those “Naked” protein drinks, good shit and like 38 grams of protein in them as well. Happy shitting bro!!.

Comment by Jeremy Spencer

Strange, I’ve been using the Muscle Milk Cookies and Cream powder before bed for months and have never had any problems, then again I’ve never tried any of the RTD’s.

Comment by JAU85

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